Housing sector

The importance of home – the role of the social housing sector in tackling drug addiction

The importance of a sense of belonging to the well-being of the individual is well known and documented. The shocking facts and statistics about drug abuse in Scotland are also well known and need not be repeated to know that there is a major problem around drug abuse in Scotland that is particular to this country and requires urgent and effective action.

In our next Bitesize Briefing, SHARE asks what is the role of the social housing sector in managing this crisis? In this half-day session, we will hear from various speakers about what they see as the biggest challenges in tackling drug addiction in Scotland; how they see the work they do intersect with the work of social housing providers; and what more the sector could consider doing to contribute positively to the recovery journey of people with addictions.

The well-documented capacity of the social housing sector to lay the foundations for change and produce lasting and positive impacts on individuals and communities has never been more needed. This short session will give organizations the ideas and tools to make small changes that could have big impacts for those recovering from addiction.

This Bitesize Briefing takes place on July 28 at 9:30 am. The event will take place at the Bob Allan Conference Center, 139 Saracen Street, although a limited number of delegates can join us virtually. To reserve your place click HERE