Housing sector

Russians have warned of a new type of fraud in the housing sector

In Russia, a new type of fraud in housing and communal services has appeared: muggers disguised as locksmiths come on call and offer to fix door locks. The Izvestia warned of the risks of being deceived by fake employees of housing and communal services.

We are talking about cases where citizens search the Internet for specialists to repair equipment. In Moscow, several cases were recorded when a team of 3-4 people came to the call, disfiguring the doors and demanding payment ten times the average price for poor quality service. If they refuse, the scammers threaten the Russians and subject them to psychological pressure.

According to the Izvestia source, pseudo-mechanics usually indicate the amount of work done and the time spent, and also allude to their proximity to ethnic criminals, mention weapons and promise to come back and fill the door lock with glue. At the same time, the attackers attempt to uncover Russian fears and expose the victim or their actions as the root cause of the conflict. Most often, the victims of extortionists are increasingly older women. The source cited the example of a Muscovite who had to give all her savings to scammers who estimated the repairs at 30,000 rubles.

However, lawyers believe that such actions by repairers fall under the extortion clause. In such cases, experts advise contacting law enforcement agencies. According to experts, a properly executed contract will help reduce the risk of colliding with scammers.

“These types of contracts, according to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, can be an employment contract, an assignment contract, an agency contract and a host of others, where it is necessary to fix the amount of work carried out by the contractor , the schedule of work, the price of the issue, the liability of the parties in the event of partial or total non-compliance with the terms of such an agreement ”, – Andrey Shugaev, vice-president of the Bar of Moscow “Klishin and Partners” explained.

Earlier in February, residents of Moscow were warned of increasing cases of fraud in the repair and replacement of electricity meters. Under the guise of employees of housing and communal services, intruders began to enter the apartments of Russians and demand money from them for the replacement of equipment. Mosenergosbyt reminded that meters are usually changed free of charge, and services are not offered for additional money when touring apartments.