Housing report

Regional housing report analysis shows Illawarra-Shoalhaven must continue housing delivery

Findings from research conducted by GYDE Consulting for the Property Council of Australia showed mixed results on housing approvals in the Illawarra Shoalhaven as the area struggles with rising house prices and tight buyer and rental markets.

The Property Council’s Illawarra Regional Director, Michelle Guido, said the results showed the Illawarra Shoalhaven was doing well in meeting housing targets, but now is not the time to ease off.

“As demand grows, we must continue to support the provision of various types of housing across the region, especially in light of increased population migration to the region and the aftermath of COVID,” he said. said Mrs. Guido.

“Councils need additional resources and government support to help them secure planning approvals and increase the supply of housing in the area as there is a risk that housing delivery will not be up to par. projections described in the research.”

Ms Guido said the South Coast needed even greater support from the NSW Government to provide essential accommodation, particularly in the Shoalhaven where the limited availability of accommodation for key workers is extremely problematic.

“In the Shoalhaven we are seeing steady completions, but this is slightly below the delivery requirement for the five-year period from 2016 to 2021,” she said.

“With the pristine areas of Nowra/Bomaderry set to boom over the next few years, the NSW Government needs to do more now and in the short to medium term to support the provision of housing for workers.

“Across the region there are housing shortages in the buyer and tenant markets and housing completions are not as high as we would like, so we need all the support we can get from the government. NSW to support Local Councils to provide the essential housing and infrastructure we urgently need.

The regional housing analysis for Illawarra-Shoalhaven concluded:

The projected growth of the Illawarra-Shoalhaven area necessitates maintaining a new supply of additional housing, with the DPE projecting that 58,000 homes will be needed in the area between 2016 and 2041.

At present much of the existing housing stock in the area is made up of three or four bedroom detached dwellings, with Wollongong offering a greater number of smaller apartments.

Over the past five years, housing supply in the area has been strong. Completions have generally exceeded projected demand for 2041 with only two years failing to meet projected demand. Overall, the region has achieved infill and isolated development.

Housing approvals indicate that future development could include the delivery of slightly more multi-unit housing, but single-detached home approvals remain dominant.

Housing is largely approved in a combination of infill and blank areas, including existing centers and identified blank area release areas.

The supply and delivery of housing in the area broadly aligns with the goals and directions set out in the Illawarra Shoalhaven Regional Plans 2036 and 2041.

Improved metrics to measure housing diversity and affordability are needed to better gauge the region’s performance, with each of the region’s LGAs experiencing slightly different trends in housing supply and delivery.

The Region as a whole is able to balance out these differences, with some LGAs providing more housing than projected demand, while others are producing an insufficient supply of housing.

While ideally all LGAs meet projected demand, the four LGAs working in tandem allow the region as a whole to remain well positioned to meet projected demand through 2041.

However, it does indicate an agile strategic planning framework that needs to be expanded to ensure housing supply can be increased or reduced to meet changes in demand and population growth. This will be particularly critical with continued high demand for housing in the Illawarra Shoalhaven.

The ongoing approval and delivery of various types of housing across the region will be key to meeting this demand and ensuring that Illawarra-Shoalhaven continues to thrive, providing suitable employment and housing opportunities for people.

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