Housing crisis

Refugees and housing crisis

Sir, – Reading the report on the government’s new plans to tackle the housing crisis (“Builders will be able to use extended hours to increase housing production”, News, April 26), it occurred to me mind that what the government should do is pretend that all homeless people are refugees; this seems to inspire them to think outside the box, where they found the idea of ​​letting builders drag on “extending working hours”.

And then a government housing agency that builds houses? – Yours, etc.,

Jim O’Sullivan,



Sir, – Taoiseach Micheál Martin rejected the idea of ​​capping the number of Ukrainian refugees in Ireland (News, April 25). Is it realistic? We all have total compassion for these people and it is almost impossible to comprehend the devastation in their lives. However, we have a housing crisis in this country that is far from resolved. How can we find accommodation for the thousands of refugees who are already here and the thousands more who are now expected? Already the people who offered shelter in the first wave of desire to help have withdrawn their offers. Others accepted refugees into their homes and found themselves unable to cope. It is not a commitment of a few weeks and the situation could last for years. Even if hostilities cease tomorrow, how long will it take for Ukrainians to be able to return to their country, much of which has been destroyed? Is there a proper plan in place to accept and deal with all the problems and grief of those who are currently suffering?

Altruism is admirable but we must be sure that we can keep our promises. – Yours, etc.,



Co Dublin.