Housing crisis

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announces summit to tackle housing crisis

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk will host a summit to tackle the state’s growing housing crisis, with a push to ensure that every Queenslander has a home by 2032.

A first round table will take place on Friday, before the Queensland Housing Summit to be held in October.

“Nothing is more important than having a roof over your head – it’s a basic need – and the stories of people without secure housing are heartbreaking,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

Affordable housing is essential to maintaining our great lifestyle in Queensland.

“Many of the causes of rising housing costs are national and require national solutions.

“I fully understand that this is a difficult time for many Queenslanders. We all know that recent interest rate hikes by the Independent Reserve Bank of Australia have made it difficult for homeowners.

“All levels of government have a role to play in improving the current housing situation.”

QCOSS still wants Queenslander in a home by the 2032 Olympics.(AAP Image: Dave Hunt – file photo)

The Queensland Council of Social Services (QCOSS) welcomed the announcement, calling on the government to house every Queenslander by 2032.

“This announcement shows that the Premier of Queensland is listening to calls from community organisations, industry and local government, on the severity of the housing crisis and that what is happening now is not working,” said Aimee McVeigh , CEO of QCOSS. .

“We agree with the Prime Minister that nothing is more important than having a roof over your head. That should be a goal for the top.

“By the 2032 Olympics, every Queenslander should have a place they can call home.

“Right now Queensland workers and families are living in tents, women and children are reverting to domestic violence relationships and the elderly are sleeping on sofas because they have nowhere to go.”

Housing Minister Leeanne Enoch said population growth had outpaced the delivery of new land, putting unprecedented pressure on the private rental market and impacting social housing.

The roundtable will bring together the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Ministers for Public Works, Communities and Housing with the Mayor of Brisbane and the Local Government Association of Queensland.

It will also involve key non-governmental stakeholders, including QShelter, QCOSS, the REIQ, Property Council of Australia, Master Builders and the Planning Institute of Australia, among others.

It will address critical issues including unlocking land and housing supply and accelerating social housing.