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Phelps Co. wants to control rural housing supply | Local News

HOLDREGE – The Phelps County Development Corp. is preparing a county-wide housing study, including each community and rural areas of Phelps County.

The assessment will highlight current demographic and economic statistics, target demand for local housing units, and a five-year action plan for new housing development and existing housing rehabilitation activities. PCDC is assisted by Hanna:Keelan Associates, PC, a Lincoln-based community planning and research consulting firm.

“The availability of a wide range of housing choices is critical to the growth of our communities,” said Ron Tillery, Executive Director of PCDC. “Since 2016, Holdrege and Phelps County have engaged in several housing development activities which have led to positive growth rates in Holdrege and Loomis. The PCDC prioritizes the creation of more housing for owners and tenants, because that is where the jobs lie.

Ron Tillery

A series of citizen engagement programs and surveys will be implemented in Phelps County to gather information about housing strengths, issues, opportunities and needs in the county.

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The inquiry process will include the following opportunities for local input:

– A countywide housing survey will be available to all citizens in and around the county. Topics will include identifying barriers/impediments to fair and affordable housing, identifying county-wide housing needs, and supporting the use of local, state, and federal grants for development programs and housing rehabilitation. The survey will be announced on the PCDC website, as well as other local websites and social media.

– A Workforce Housing Needs Survey will be made available to those employed in certain businesses and industries in Phelps County. The survey will identify workforce housing needs and desires among local employees.

– An employer housing support survey will be made available to chairpersons/CEOs and other representatives of major employers to identify existing housing support and partnership programs offered, as well as the possible creation of public partnerships -private for the implementation of new programs related to housing.

– A housing stakeholder survey will be made available to providers of specialist housing facilities and services (skilled nursing/assisted living, developmental disabilities, emergency housing, temporary and homeless shelters). shelter, Housing Authority, etc.), as well as local property developers, contractors and funding bodies. The purpose of this survey is to identify the housing needs of specific populations and create partnerships for new housing development and implementation programs in Phelps County.

Surveys can be completed until June 24. Completed housing and labor surveys will qualify for one of six $50 gas cards.

For questions about the housing study or to apply to participate in a survey program, contact PCDC Executive Director Ron Tillery at 308-995-4148.