Housing supply

PC leader Ford visits London, promises to boost housing supply

The Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario says if elected it will build 1.5 million homes in the province over the next decade.

PC leader Doug Ford made the announcement on Saturday during a campaign stop in London.

He said a re-elected PC government would continue to work with municipalities to dramatically speed up the permitting and approval of construction of new homes and rental units.

“A re-elected PC government would also update its housing supply action plan each year to identify and implement additional levers that will build more homes faster,” Ford said.

During the campaign shutdown, Ontario Home Builders Council President Richard Lyall supported the Progressive Conservative Party and Doug Ford.

He said the PC party is the only party tackling the housing crisis with a sensible plan.

“This kind of forward-thinking action is needed to tackle the housing crisis,” Lyall said.

To protect homebuyers in Ontario, Ford said PCs will protect homebuyers by cracking down on permit speculators who are “stifling” the supply of new homes and driving up costs.

“We will stop at nothing to make sure we solve Ontario’s housing crisis,” Ford said. “My friends, it’s a matter of supply and demand. At a time when our province is growing, as we welcome more families, we need to build more homes. We have come a long way. Our PC government opened a record number of new homes with 100,000 new homes in 12 months.

Ford also boasted of investing an additional $160 million to improve the speed and frequency of the GO train from London to Toronto.

“This city has a really bright future, a future full of opportunity,” Ford said.