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On the Pearl clutch, gas lighting and housing supply versus housing affordability. – Scout magazine

Tea & Two Slices is a roundup of longtime local news by NEEDS frontman and veteran dishwasher Sean Orr, who lives and works in Gastown, keenly aware of his privilege.

Vancouver’s population is declining for the first time in 45 years. I guess that doesn’t take into account the deaths from the heated dome or the deaths of people with no fixed address, let alone the record number of opioid overdose deaths. So what does the article attribute the falling numbers to? Lack of housing supply. Isn’t wanting to pay 2m for something you could get half in Surrey a supply problem? It sounds more like an affordability issue. Additionally, “Vancouver has added more housing units per capita than any city in North America in the past 30 years, but housing prices have risen faster in Vancouver than in any other northern city. -American”.

Even the Bank of Canada, an unelected body that sets monetary policy for the whole country and whose fundamental interest is not to lower house prices, blames the lack of supply instead of lowering interest rates. interest. No: Financialization of housing, artificially low interest rates, low property taxes, criminally low wages, poor zoning, zero land value capture, unchecked speculation, no capital gains tax on primary residences, rentals under-regulated short-term, a self-regulating real estate industry long known for shadow flipping and exploiting naked trust loopholes, REITs buying up rental stock, housing stock collapsing social housing, the disappearance of co-ops, the lack of vacancy control, the fact that British Columbia is the eviction capital of Canada, or that in Vancouver and Toronto, up to 1 in 5 homeowners own more of a property, or the fact that the federal government has been devolving housing responsibilities to cash-strapped provinces since the 1990s. No, blame the lack of supply, even though Canada has pl over 1.3 million vacant homes. I’ve said it before: all of this was easily predictable.

Pearl clutches on Twitter and Reddit are even blaming this mass exodus on rising crime. One problem: VPD data shows crime down – Crime continued to fall in Vancouver in 2021. Of course, as Justin McElroy points out, the data doesn’t take into account localized experience, but that means there has been no change in the status quo. We still refuse to address the root causes of crime: the long slow march of neoliberal austerity policies that gut our institutions, decimate our social safety net, burden personal responsibility and weaken our communities.

You can see it in how we are handling the pandemic. We are gas lit by the authorities. Betrayed. And they are told to do more when they admit to doing as little as possible:



You can see it in Bell Let’s Talk, an insidious corporate tax written off a company that profits from the suffering of inmates. The only reason Bell is playing this role is because our governments have passed the torch to them, abandoning Canadians.

You can see it in the way we treat our seniors: seniors in Vancouver’s Chinatown are fighting poverty and racism to put food on the table.

We cannot continue to rely on charity to cover up our government’s failures:

This type of neglect manifests itself in a deep resentment that can either lead to the strengthening of our communities through organizing and raising awareness, as in the examples above, or go radically in the opposite direction, as we see with the convoy of truckers (is fear and mistrust are used as a scam to pursue an extremist and separatist agenda: $4 million in fundraising frozen by GoFundMe days after the convoy of truckers left Vancouver. The hashtag #flutruxklan says absolutely everything.

That $4 million could go a long way toward fixing our broken health care system. All you can do is laugh at the “Karen Convoy”: unvaccinated truckers are asking the Canadian government to change the US government’s rules on unvaccinated truckers.

It’s the same with the Vancouver State Council, I guess. ICYMI: The prank caller speaks to Bart Simpson at the Vancouver City Council housing meeting.

Meanwhile, this reporter is all of us right now: