Housing crisis

New Rotorua homes unveiled to help region’s public housing crisis

The government has unveiled six new homes in Rotorua as it develops social housing in the city.

Thirty-seven prefabricated homes will be built over the next year, with the first family moving in next Wednesday.

Housing Minister Megan Woods told 1News the homes will provide a warm and safe place for children.

“They will be able to complete their education at their local school, it’s a place to put down roots and it’s a place to make memories.”

The off-site prefabricated houses were built at Huntly and transported to Rotorua, and Exeter Building Company was awarded a contract to build the houses locally.

“In Rotorua, around 300 public housing units are under construction or planned, and of the government’s additional 10,000 public housing units, 209 are in Rotorua.

“It starts to undo the damage done by the previous national government which left Rotorua in 2017 with 44 fewer homes,” Woods said.

However, National Housing spokesman Chris Bishop said today’s announcement was not something to celebrate.

“Rotorua has a housing crisis, we have hundreds of families living in motels in Rotorua, six new off-site prefab homes won’t be enough,” he says.

Exeter Homes chief executive Chris Travis said the company would build as many homes as possible.

“So we’re building around 24 a year right now. We’ve been toying with the idea of ​​doing one house a week, it’s up to KO (Kāinga Ora) really with how much they want,” he said.

Kāinga Ora Regional Manager Darren Toy says there is a significant demand for social housing in the area.

“We have over 1,000 whānau on the waiting list for a warm, dry house.”