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Morgan Sindall Launches Machine Learning Software Platform for Social Housing Sector

Building and regeneration group Morgan Sindall Group plc will launch a technology platform this week that uses machine learning to provide social housing landlords and tenants with real-time, actionable insights to help ensure their properties are healthy, compliant and more cost-effective in energy.

Using discrete, interconnected sensors placed within a home, the platform collects data about a property’s internal environmental conditions, including temperature, atmospheric pressure, light levels, humidity, and carbon dioxide. of carbon. goldeni also monitors heating systems, detects water leaks and monitors electricity and gas consumption.

The goldeni platform was developed by data scientists working for Morgan Sindall Property Services, the property maintenance division of the Morgan Sindall Group, which currently looks after 200,000 homes on behalf of social landlords across the UK. United.

The new platform will, for example, monitor ventilation and recommend opening more windows to ensure homes are less susceptible to mold. It can identify water leaks in real time and pinpoint when a boiler needs servicing, so preventative action can be taken before a problem escalates. By tracking homes that use too much or too little central heating, goldeni can also help users identify properties that are energy-poor or in need of additional insulation.

The platform also aims to play a crucial role in the path to net-zero. goldeni provides practical, real-time recommendations on how to make properties more energy efficient, from more efficient use of heating throughout the day, to suggestions on the best time to run energy-hungry appliances or improve the insulation.

John Morgan, Group Managing Director Morgan Sindall, said, “Morgan Sindall is committed to developing and implementing innovation for our customers. The launch of goldeni, our first technological innovation for the sector, represents an important milestone not only for Morgan Sindall but also for social housing as a whole.

“By giving clues to potential problems in homes before they even arise, it can help people living in social housing have healthier, safer and more energy-efficient homes, while reducing costs. social housing providers.

“While our initial focus is on social housing, its ability to provide instant insight into a building’s health in real time means goldeni would be equally useful for commercial and private residential landlords, and that’s something that we’ll be looking to roll out in the future.

Phil Copperwheat, CIO of Morgan Sindall Property Services, added: “This is an important moment for Morgan Sindall, as it is the first time that we have launched a complete and bespoke software platform, developed entirely in-house.

“Using machine learning, we’ve ensured that the platform is constantly updating and improving, so the more customers use goldeni, the more useful and insightful it will be. We’ve worked hard to make the interface as simple and intuitive as possible, so customers can start enjoying it right away.

Alan Hayward, Managing Director of Morgan Sindall Property Services, commented: “For Morgan Sindall Property Services, our goal is to ensure that our data insights and innovations deliver positive outcomes for clients and communities, improving their living environment and quality of life.

“goldeni will enable us to take a more proactive and preventative approach to reducing repair demand by flagging potential issues in real time and helping us spot potential indicators of vulnerability such as fuel poverty.”