Housing crisis

LSC forges ahead in housing crisis

Livingstone Shire Council said granny flats could ease the housing crisis in CQ.

Last week, in response to the housing crisis, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced a change to state planning rules to allow Queenslanders to rent out their granny flats or second homes at no time. anyone. The rules had previously limited rental to parents only.

Livingstone Shire, however, has long allowed granny flats and second homes to be rented out to anyone, not just family.

In addition, the Council encourages owners to build second homes by classifying them as “acceptable development”.

Buildings under 80 square meters can be constructed without a planning application if they are located behind the main house, comply with building regulations and the land is not subject to state planning overlays .

Livingstone Mayor Andrew Ireland said council had never had the desire to dictate to landlords who they could rent their second homes to.

“If people have the room and the infrastructure can support the increased occupancy, then great for the community,” Mayor Ireland said.

“The current housing crisis is seriously affecting the region, with a lack of properties for sale and for rent in addition to significantly increased prices.

“Over the past two years, rental prices in Yeppoon have increased by 37% and house prices by 49%.”

Mayor Ireland said the current supply and affordability issue is causing considerable stress to many in the community and seriously restricting our economy.

“Local businesses looking to expand cannot attract workers because there is nowhere to live affordably,” he said.

“We are also missing out on the general covid-induced exodus from capital cities.

“This provision for secondary accommodation is a way to help ease the pain.

‘The council encourages anyone with a sufficiently large garden and keen to earn extra income to consider repurposing part of their home as a granny flat or investing in a second home.’

Secondary accommodation which does not require a planning application still requires a building application to be lodged with the Council or a private certifier, as is the case with all structures.

Inquiries regarding second homes can be directed to the Council’s planning and/or construction team by calling 4913 5000 or by registering a client inquiry via the Council’s online services portal at www. livingstone.qld.gov.au.