Housing supply

HUD “Our Way Home” focuses on providing affordable housing

US Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Marcia L. Fudge earlier this month launched the “Our Way Home” initiative, a new effort to boost the nation’s supply of affordable housing. Our Way Home is a nationwide initiative that enhances unique housing delivery successes in local communities and connects cities, counties, tribal communities, states and U.S. territories to the tools and resources needed to help preserve and to produce affordable housing in their region.

“Easing the burden of housing costs on families is a major economic priority for this administration,” Secretary Fudge said. “For too long and in too many communities, the supply of housing has not kept pace with the growth in demand. Government will need to work at all levels to help close the housing supply gap. I am excited to launch Our Way Home, an initiative that will not only build on the momentum already begun at the federal level, but will also focus on the unique challenges and successes of communities when it comes to s ensure that we all find our way home.

To learn more about the Our Way Home initiative, visit: hud.gov/ourwayhome.

As part of the program’s recent launch, HUD regional administrators hosted events across the country to recognize the initiative and engage directly with local and state leaders:

In HUD Region 9, which covers California, Regional Administrator Jason Pu hosted an event at the Los Angeles County Hall of Administration in Los Angeles, California. He was joined by Los Angeles Deputy Mayor Jose “Che” Ramirez and Los Angeles County Board Chairwoman Holly J. Mitchell.

Our Way Home builds on HUD’s commitment to state, tribal, and local leaders to help them use federal resources and funding to meet their affordable housing needs, and to build new and preserve existing affordable housing units – rental and owned – into their pipelines.

Last month, the Biden-Harris administration announced its housing supply action plan, which included more than a dozen legislative and administrative measures aimed at closing the housing supply gap over the past five years. coming years.

“The affordable housing shortage has been growing for decades – but it is a solvable crisis,” Secretary Fudge said. “Across the country, we are seeing many communities ending exclusionary zoning, building affordable housing in communities that previously did not allow it. We see communities using innovative building designs and materials and designing sustainable and resilient homes. And we see communities fighting homelessness by building permanent affordable housing with services. These are the types of community wins we want to elevate with Our Way Home and encourage others to follow.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development will engage communities in discussions on housing supply policies and resources in the coming months.