Housing sector

Housing sector to get off to a slow start in 2022 in northern Saskatchewan

The city of North Battleford also saw a significant year-over-year decline. Last month there were only six sales compared to 19 in January 2021.

The entire North Battleford region saw better overall numbers, with 32 sales. This was also down from the previous year, as there were 52 sales.

The average price in 2022 was over $221,000.

As for Melfort, the town recorded seven sales, matching last year’s total.

Looking at the region as a whole, 2021 has had a better start. There were 15 sales last month, down from 22.

The average price has seen a sharp drop, with the average property selling for around $33,000 less.

“With the expected changes in lending rates, the housing market in 2022 is not expected to see demand levels like in 2021,” said Chris Guérette, CEO of SRA. “However, it’s still early in the year, and as I’ve said before, my biggest concern for 2022 is inventory.”

All three regions are experiencing inventory declines.

In the Melfort area, there are 103 properties on the market, a decrease of 40% from 2021. In Pennsylvania, there are 289 properties up for grabs, an annual decrease of 28%. In North Battleford, there are 481 properties available, down about 5%.


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