Housing crisis

Housing crisis: Woman shares game-changing home

Sanya Saleem, 26, is a mental health counselor to doctors in training, based in London. After handing her leave to the owner of her “shabby” apartment in the capital, she had only two weeks to find alternative affordable accommodation.

Struggling to find a cheap apartment that suited her needs, Sanya decided to move into a new accommodation concept: a co-living space in North London called Folk.

Describing itself as “rental for people who want more”, Folk is a brand that “is on a mission to set a new standard in rental”.

With accommodation based in Harrow and Earlsfield (and soon Battersea), the company offers spacious studios and shared spaces for those who want to live in the capital without breaking the bank.

Shared spaces include coworking centers, gyms and rooftop terraces with incredible views over the London skyline.

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She continued, “Folk’s price is so affordable, especially considering all it has to offer, such as a cafe, restaurant, gym, screening room and so much more. And it’s run by the sweetest people you’ll ever meet.

“The rental price, including utilities, is also locked in for 12 months, which is so reassuring given that living prices are constantly rising at the moment.”

Sanya went on to describe the things she loves most about life to Folk: “I love having access to my own private space, yet being able to socialize whenever I want – it’s the best of both worlds.

“Recently I went to an art therapy event that was put on by Folk and I thought it was amazing, and I just couldn’t believe things like events were on your doorstep first and , secondly, were included in the rental price.

“I actually save so much money on social events now because I don’t have to pay for movie tickets or a gym membership and instead of traveling to meet friends, a lot of between them now live in the same building.

“Often we take turns cooking, using the communal kitchen facilities, which has been a great way to meet new people, and I’ll also be hosting a housewarming party in the communal kitchen soon for my friends.

“I also use the coworking space at least three times a week when I work from home, which also saves money, as in my previous apartment I did not have the space to work at home, so I had to go to coffee shops instead, which just resulted in a lot of spending on coffees.

Sanya also enjoys living in Harrow which has “lots of green space and we have a supermarket nearby and then the station is literally a three minute walk away so I can travel around the rest of London when I need or as I wish”.

Sanya pays £1,313 a month, including bills, for her studio in Folk. This includes gym membership, several events, access to the coworking space and “much more”.

The 26-year-old added: “I would 100% recommend Folk to everyone I know, and I did.

“Firstly it’s so beautiful – full of modern interiors and artwork, and secondly you have everything you need on your doorstep which is incredibly convenient and I don’t believe it there is something else like that.

“The financial security it provides is incredible and you never have to worry about suing your owner for maintenance issues as everything is sorted onsite and then by the in-house team.

“Living in Folk is so easy – it takes the pain out of traditional renting and is what I’ve always wished for, without even realizing it.”