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Grant Presents Platform to Ease District’s Affordable Housing Crisis

Independent DC mayoral candidate Rodney “Red” Grant calls for change and offers solutions

WASHINGTON DC, UNITED STATES, Sept. 27, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The District of Columbia is currently facing an affordable housing crisis due to minimal housing available to residents, developers using loopholes to circumvent affordable development and a system that is slow to serve Washingtonians in need. The actions of mayors have been ineffective and ineffective; intervention is required. As low-income families languish without services, credible questions about spending and diversion persist.

Last year, the Office of Inspector General released an audit report that detailed the misappropriation of $82 million in funds allocated to help very low-income families. This year, the housing crisis in Washington has reached critical levels, with the district having the highest rate of male homelessness per capita in the United States at 104.6, double the second highest rate in California. Mayor Bowser bulldozed encampments and amassed a record of poor governance.

As a concerned resident, Independent Mayoral Candidate Rodney “Red” Grant offered the following solutions:
– Fact: There is currently a lack of affordable housing in the district, and DCHD has awarded contracts to lower rated projects that offered to provide fewer affordable housing units.
(Source: https://dhcd.dc.gov/release/dc’s-housing-crisis-about-more-just-how-much-housing-build—-where-it-goes-well)

Solutions: Increase the supply of affordable housing by regulating requirements for banks financing development projects in the city.

– Fact: Housing funds have been misappropriated or mis-spent under the current administration of the mayor.
(Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/dc-md-va/2021/10/01/dc-inspector-general-affordable-housing/)

Solutions: Put in place checks and balances for the use of resources from the Housing Production Trust Fund to eliminate diversion.

– Fact: MFI (Median Family Income) is the predominant factor used to determine income limits and rental rates for every housing program in the United States. However, DC currently has an artificially inflated MFI, the result of including some of America’s wealthiest counties in DC’s MFI calculation, due to their proximity to DC. (Source: https://www.huduser.gov/portal/datasets/geotool/summary.odn

Solutions: A grants administration will lobby HUD for a more appropriate housing formula that reflects the financial constraints faced by many residents of the District of Columbia.

– Fact: Currently, homeless services processes are difficult to access, and those who can access them still face significant delays.
(Source: https://www.washingtonpost.com/magazine/2022/04/20/pandemic-aid-ends-housing-nightmare/

Solutions: Mayor Grant will streamline DHS and homeless services processes and create online services, actions aimed at making housing easier for those in need in the district.

– Fact: Washington, DC has the highest homelessness rate in the nation at 90.4 people per 10,000 males nationwide at 104.6, double the second highest rate in California.
(Source: https://www.statista.com/statistics/727847/homelessness-rate-in-the-us-by-state/

Solutions: Innovative approaches are needed to tackle a fraction of the homeless population that seems to be neglected. Transitional living programs are needed to help this forgotten demographic. Mayor Grant will create programs that will provide independent living and mental health programs to address the litany of issues that make this predicament persist.

– Fact: Many of the city’s homeless are veterans who served our country and too many veterans in DC live below the poverty line.
(Source: https://veteransdata.info/states/2110000/DISTRICT_OF_COLUMBIA.pdf)

Solutions: Mayor Grant will work with local and federal agencies and resources that cater to veterans, making DC a destination of choice for active duty, reserve and retired military members, and will strengthen partnerships with Veterans Affairs to ensure our veterans have access to decent housing, to fight for those who fought for us.

Residents are encouraged to follow Rodney Red Grant on social media at @redgrant on Instagram to follow his campaign. You can visit Rodney “Red” Grant’s website at www.Grant4MayorDC.com.

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