Housing crisis

Gold Coast caravan park owner attacked as accommodation options dwindle

A 76-year-old Gold Coast caravan park owner said she was being attacked by those hit hard by the housing crisis.

Dora Low today said her caravan park is at 100 per cent capacity and many turn violent when told there is no free space.

Confrontational footage shows people brandishing screwdrivers and smashing screen doors in the trailer park.

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Owner of Dora Low Gold Coast caravan park attacked as housing crisis worsens
Dora Low (R) and her daughter Gloria (L) witnessed a series of violent attacks by people desperate for accommodation in their caravan park. (Today)

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“A vase was thrown over my head and I split my head open,” Dora told Today.

“They threw it away because I wouldn’t book them anymore and they wouldn’t leave so they took the vase from the office.”

Dora said it had become an almost daily occurrence, but there was little the police could do.

But she said she wanted to help families with young children in need and thanked the government for all it was doing to help with emergency accommodation.

Owner of Dora Low Gold Coast caravan park attacked as housing crisis worsens
Dora blames the housing crisis on things getting violent. (Today/9News)

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“It’s been very, very tough the last two years and there are too many people on the streets sleeping under bridges and coming to look for accommodation,” she said.

“Thanks to the government, our priorities are families with four or five children – they provide them with accommodation, they help us.”

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