Housing crisis

Gene Slater on the housing crisis, Rakeen Mabud on inflation coverage

New York Times (06/24/22)

This week on counter-turn: As Eric Horowitz noted at FAIR.org, much of the elite media coverage of housing issues has focused on the idea that homeowners of supposedly modest means are in a hurry; or that homeless people pose a threat to the lives and property of landlords, as well as the careers of politicians who dare to defend them – in addition to, you know, harming the aesthetics of the neighborhood.

New insights are needed, not only on the impacts of the affordable housing crisis, but also on its causes. It is not just capitalism that is unleashed, because it does not happen without government involvement.

We’ll speak with Gene Slater, longtime affordable housing advocate, founder and president of CSG Advisors.


NBC News: inflation crisis

NBC Nightly News (11/12/21)

Also on the show: The media continues to dismiss the term “inflation” as the reason for rising prices, as if hoping that people will turn their brains off on the spot and blame some abstract entity. We quickly listen to our conversation from February with Groundwork Collaborative’s Rakeen Mabud, when the media was working hard to tell the public that “supply chain disruptions” were falling from the sky like rain, rather than being linked to decades conscious political decision-making. .


The combined choices of business and government – and how they affect the rest of us, this week counter-turn.

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