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Framespace to Hire 150 Additional Employees to Accelerate Offsite Housing Supply | Irish Building Magazine.ie

The 120,000 square foot facility will initially allow Framespace to deliver 550 residential units per year, with the company expecting adoption of offsite (or modular) housing to grow as housing completions increase for achieve the government’s ambitious goals for social and affordable housing. Framespace plans to double its production over 3 years, with a target production of approximately 1 million square feet by 2025, which equates to more than 1,000 residential units.

Framespace plans to grow to over 250 employees over the next two years and is currently actively recruiting for design and engineering positions as well as general and semi-skilled operator positions. The town of Longford has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country and in line with its hiring strategy to date, Framespace plans to recruit as much as possible from the area, providing ongoing training and development.

The Framespace building system enables the manufacture of high quality, environmentally friendly buildings in a controlled factory environment. Pre-finished floor, wall and roof panels are manufactured at the Longford factory and then delivered to site where they can be assembled within hours. The system is certified for use in buildings up to 7 stories high and can reduce on-site construction times by up to 40% compared to more traditional construction methods.

Framespace sees a big growth opportunity in the Irish market given that off-site construction accounts for less than 1% of total new residential units compared to the UK market where it is between 8% and 10%. With Ireland needing 33,000 new homes a year until 2030 to tackle the housing crisis, there is pressure to speed up delivery, which Framespace is uniquely placed to address.

In addition to speed, offsite housing construction benefits from a streamlined supply chain and certainty of delivery. With all major design and engineering inputs performed off-site, there is reduced reliance on “wet” labor and reduced risk to program execution. Most importantly, Framespace provides an environmentally sustainable solution that significantly reduces waste produced during the construction process. All Framespace homes are designed to meet NZEB and BCAR standards.

Framespace has a strong portfolio of projects and seeks to partner with both Accredited Housing Bodies (AHB) and local authorities, as well as many private sector contractors and developers. It also has a strategic partnership with Tetrarch Homes, the homebuilding subsidiary of Tetrarch Capital, which plans to use offsite housing to accelerate delivery of elements of its development pipeline.

Robert Troy TD, Minister of State for Trade Promotion, Digital and Business Regulation, said: “Framespace is already a regionally important business and a key player in the construction sector with strong ambitions. export, and news of its expansion to Longford is welcome. . Framespace Solutions will play a central role in the implementation of the government’s Housing for All strategy by offering a sustainable alternative to traditional forms of construction.

“Today’s announcement is extremely important for the Midlands and the national economy, and demonstrates the vision of the Framespace team. No doubt they will continue to grow more and more and I wish them every success with their impressive plans which will see the creation of 300 jobs over the next three years.

Declan Murtagh, CEO of Framespace Solutions, said: “We all know that Ireland is experiencing a housing crisis and off-site housing provides a solution that will help accelerate the delivery of new housing as its uptake increases. We are proud to open the factory here in Longford today. The initial investment program enabled us to deliver more than 500 new homes per year. In the next phase of our growth, we plan to add another 150 people to our workforce with the aim of doubling our production levels by 2025. We are grateful to Enterprise Ireland, Longford County Council, the community community and to our shareholders for their support. and we look forward to growing our workforce here at Longford in the future.

Leo Clancy, CEO of Enterprise Ireland, which has invested in the company, said: “Enterprise Ireland recently launched the ‘Built To Innovate’ campaign, which is an initiative of the government’s Housing For All plan. Against this backdrop, the opportunities for rapid expansion of modular housing in Ireland are evident and Framespace has an excellent offering in this growing market. I would like to congratulate the company on its plans to boost employment in the Longford area and we are delighted to be here to celebrate today’s announcement. »