Housing crisis

Final Fantasy 14 director promises to finally fix the in-game housing crisis

Final Fantasy 14 will suspend future housing lotteries while the issues are resolved, and Square Enix has provided an update on fixes for system bugs.

Earlier on April 19, Square Enix and Final Fantasy 14 director Naoki Yoshida visited the Magnetite to write an apology. When the hosting lotteries for plots in Final Fantasy 14 kicked off last week, it took players just a few hours to lament the system, calling it broken and noting in many cases that none of the bidding teams on a single plot was actually rewarded by said conspiracy.

Now Yoshida has cleared up a lot of the confusion surrounding the housing crisis. Primarily, teams numbered one through five would bid on housing plots, but in some cases number zero was shown as the winning team, meaning the plot in question was not awarded by any of the bidding teams. .

Yoshida reveals that the lottery went as planned, but the winning numbers just weren’t displayed correctly. When Square Enix is ​​able to resolve this issue, the correct winning numbers for the lottery plots will be revealed and teams will then be rewarded with their housing plot.

Until then, however, all ongoing lotteries for the plots of land will be suspended, Yoshida reveals. This is undoubtedly disappointing news for Free Enterprises who have yet to bid on a housing plot, but Yoshida reassures players that Square Enix is ​​actively looking to resolve these issues in the future. lotteries and will provide an update on which lotteries will return when they are able to. This is by no means an ideal situation, but it is good to know that fixes are being made to the lottery system as a whole.

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