Housing crisis

Facing the housing crisis | Letters

Governor Gianforte has just announced the formation of a housing task force to address the current affordable housing crisis in Montana and has selected Helena Area Habitat for Humanity as one of its members. I appreciate having a seat at the table to offer thoughtful and actionable solutions to create more homes in Montana.

We need to build more houses of all shapes and sizes; it’s that simple, and all the solutions should be on the table. Here are some ideas offered by Habitat for Humanity to solve the housing crisis in Montana:

• Financial investments at local and state level to build more housing.

• Housing regulations that encourage density and growth within our urban growth limits.

• Investments in local and state infrastructure (sewer and water).

• Increased public-private partnerships with a focus on creating mixed-income communities.

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• Expansion of community land trusts to make homes permanently affordable for generations of Montanese.

I look forward to working with the members of the task force to not only address the affordable housing crisis, but also its far-reaching consequences that affect issues like job security and family stability.