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Barkindji woman tackles Broken Hill housing supply problem with plan to build 500 eco-friendly homes

A woman from Barkindji hopes to improve housing supply problems in Broken Hill with a project that could result in the construction of around 500 eco-friendly homes in the town.

Narelle Osborne of Nara Nation, who works with development company Cliq Build, said they also hoped to make some of the hardware for the Broken Hill homes, creating more jobs.

Ms Osborne said they would use a high percentage of mine waste, mixed with concrete, to make panels for the house.

She said they hoped to start building a show house in the city in six weeks.

Ms Osborne said the overall project could have meaningful involvement from the Broken Hill community.

“Getting the panels made there, not just for Broken Hill infrastructure, but then starting to export.

She said they hoped to address local housing supply concerns that had been raised with them.

“With all the mining and infrastructure growing in Broken Hill, we were told there was a massive housing shortage,” Ms Osborne said.

“With all the mines opening up in and around Broken Hill, they need about 500 homes.”

Artist’s impression of the Broken Hill show house.(Provided)

Job and nursery projects

Ms Osborne, who is based in Adelaide, said she would like to see women, high school students, local inmates and unemployed people involved in the project.

She said the houses would also be a viable option for residents.

“And with the locals, if they want a brand new house, if they want to expand their existing house, let’s make that happen for them.”

Ms Osborne said they were also considering setting up a nursery in the town as a separate project.

She said they were told there was currently an 18-month wait for childcare in the area.

“So we’re looking at that right now as well.”

Ms Osborne said one of the proposed locations for the center was Clark Street.

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