Housing crisis

Algarve teachers face the housing crisis

Teachers who apply for schools outside their areas of residence, hoping to secure three full consecutive annual contracts that will allow them to onboard staff, face high prices and few offers each year. rental in the Algarve.

“Most leases in the Algarve are unaffordable for teachers, made worse by the fact that many landlords limit contracts until June,” Lusa Lídia Fernandes, a teacher placed this year in a school in Quarteira, told Lusa. district of Faro. .

The 41-year-old teacher, from Ponte de Barca in the Viana do Castelo district, posted to the Algarve for the third consecutive year, was again faced with the “dilemma” of finding a house, after the end of the contract of the apartment she had rented until June.

“This year, I got an apartment in August, but on condition that I only start living there from mid-September. That means I had to go around asking co-workers to let me sleep in their homes, until I could get into the flat, she said.

The constant search and change of house at the end of each school year “disrupts teachers’ lives, causing them to walk around with their house on their backs every year, even though they know they can stay in the same school l ‘Next year” .

According to Lídia Fernandes, the limitation of rental contracts to 9 and 10 months is due to the fact that “the owners want the apartment to be available for rent during the summer season”.

The secondary school teacher added that the situation is getting worse for teachers who are only placed in schools in September and October, “a period during which it is more difficult to find accommodation within acceptable rent values. “.

Nicole Esteves, who was posted to Aljezur two years ago, told Lusa she was faced with “low supply and high prices” in the rental market in the Algarve, where available homes can reach 800 euros per month.

Other teachers, contacted by Lusa, said the only alternative they have to cope with rental prices in the Algarve “is to share a house with other teachers”.

In this situation is Carla Gomes who, for two years in Portimão, has shared a T2 (apartment with two bedrooms) “with another colleague, in a house with an annually renewable contract”.