Housing crisis

Aitchison releases plan to solve Canada’s housing crisis

Parry Sound-Muskoka MP and Conservative Party leadership candidate Scott Aitchison released a plan this week that he says will increase housing supply across the country and solve Canada’s housing crisis.

“Scott will provide federal leadership to get more homes built and invest in affordable and social housing because every Canadian deserves a safe bed to sleep in,” his campaign manager said in a press release.

According to YIMBY: A plan to build more homes for Canadians, federal, provincial and municipal governments can work together to:

  1. End exclusionary zoning in major cities.
  2. Get shovels to the ground faster and develop skilled trades.
  3. Invest in affordable and social housing.
  4. Fight money laundering.

“We had housing built when I was mayor of Huntsville with a common sense approach to planning, Aitchison said. “We’re setting clear rules and incentives for builders, and that’s the kind of leadership we need in Ottawa to solve the housing crisis.

Plan features include:

Yes to more houses: “The federal government provides billions of dollars in funding to municipalities each year. Scott’s leadership will tie this funding directly to the requirements to build more housing. By working with the big cities where the problem is greatest, we will end the divisive, repetitive and highly political debates that block new housing projects, by establishing clear guidelines and expectations for what type of housing should be authorized by law. With the reforms passed by municipalities or provinces, Canada will experience a boom in the supply of new housing, and with it, more federal government funding will flow for infrastructure in those communities to help our communities develop and end the housing crisis.

Yes to more builders: “The federal government led by Scott will work with the provinces to increase training capacity to train more builders and recruit people into the skilled trades each year. We will also fix our immigration system to make sure skilled workers can come to Canada to work and build more homes and welcome them to call Canada home in the process.

Yes to a safe bed to sleep in: “The federal government led by Scott will invest in more affordable and social housing across Canada. By partnering with homebuilders across the country, we can build more units, repair existing units, and end long waiting lists for social housing.

Yes to the application of our laws: “People all over the world want to call Canada home, and they should be welcomed with open arms, but we cannot be a place where the criminals of the world hide their money. For too long Canadians have had to pay higher prices because governments have been unable or unwilling to enforce our laws. Scott will ensure law enforcement agencies across Canada have the tools they need to identify money laundering, create real penalties to tell the world that dirty money is no longer welcome here and eliminate it.

Aitchison says, “We will invest in affordable social housing across Canada. We will work in partnership with homebuilders to finance new homes, repair existing homes and eliminate long waiting lists for social housing. Everyone deserves a safe bed to sleep in.

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