Housing crisis

Will Labour’s appalling handling of the housing crisis trigger a rent strike in 2022?

The national average house price has increased by nearly 30% in 2021

The average national house price rose nearly 30% last year. Figures from QV show the average home price rose 28.2% in 2021, with the new national average hitting $1,053,315.

Last month, Matthew Hooton tweeted a graph showing New Zealand with the highest level of house price inflation with the following message, “why am I voting Labour”…

…last week, Damien Grant did the same…

…when the Darth Vader twins of the New Zealand right-wing applaud your housing policy, something has gone horribly wrong.

Grant Robertson should be knighted for his services to real estate speculators.

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To avoid an economic rush when Covid broke, the government pumped billions into the banks which, in turn, used them to spark a speculative gold rush that will crucify tenants once Adrian Orr has to raise rents. mortgage rates.

Mortgage rates that the scum class of Megalandlord will charge directly to their tenants!

The landlord class has vast power over the tenant class who have screwed it all up!

An explosion of food inflation and oppressive rent hikes must certainly be greeted with militancy!

A nationwide rent strike with clear instructions to landlords to get rent paid by Labor would terrify this nation of property speculators and their political handlers.

Burning ghost houses should be the next step.

It used to be that tenant activism couldn’t be collectively harvested to be effective, but social media can do that and more!

Politicians, landlords and banks have rigged the game for themselves – if we are entering a winter of discontent from greedy landlords raising rents, we should retaliate on where it hurts them the most, their wallets and valuable assets!

The truth (like everything else in fucking New Zealand) is that the under-regulated free market has been twisted by the wealthy for their interests and all Labor attempts are DIY bullshit rather than challenging the dominance of neoliberal theology.

We’ve allowed commodification of homes to be a way to build wealth and people are looking for that with all the shades of meth addicts in a P lab.

If Labor wanted real solutions, these 3 would do it.

1 – FLOOD MARKET WITH MASSIVE RECONSTRUCTION OF PUBLIC HOUSING: End the subsidization of housing allowances by scum landlords and put money in the pockets of unscrupulous motel owners by rapidly building 50,000 new public residences. The Scum Landlords can do whatever they want because the level of desperation among the tenants gives them total power. Flooding the market with 50,000 new state homes would rob scum landlords of that desperation.

2 – LIFETIME STATE HOUSE: Allow recipients to stay in their state residence for life so they can create stable communities and their desperation will never be returned to the owners.

3 – DEPOSIT RESTRICTIONS: I have no problem with people owning their own home, or having a lot or even a 3rd property to provide income in your retirement. What I don’t have time for is people who own 4 properties, 5 properties, 10 properties, 20 properties, 80 properties.

Fuck them.

First-time home purchases should require a 10% down payment, but the more properties you own, the higher the down payment. The reason speculators can buy any first-time owner is so they can use their multiple properties to take on more debt.

If you are a real estate speculator, you should show up with a 70% down payment to counter the leverage many properties allow them.

If Labor is serious about solving the problem, it must regulate the market and redefine it so that speculation is punished while home ownership and housing for the poor are forbidden.

For too long we have let the rich dictate the rules, if Labor kindness is to have any meaning it must challenge this dynamic.

Unfortunately, Labor is not looking for solutions, they are looking for the pretext of a solution to appease the critics of their left.

It’s “neo-benevolence”.

A rent strike would force Labor to do something more meaningful than cock their heads to one side and nod sadly!

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