Housing sector

Ryan Charlton’s work in the community housing sector

Ryan Charlton is a property developer and manager, as well as a community leader and philanthropist. He gives back to his community by working with community members and organizations to help them develop properties that will benefit everyone.

Charlton says that no matter your career path or industry, there’s always room to give back and blaze a trail that allows you to better people and the world around you.

It challenges people to take a look at the work they are already doing to discover new ways to realign it for the benefit of their entire community. The result is a better social impact and a greater sense of satisfaction.

Charlton decided after 15 years in the property industry that he wanted to pivot and focus on the not-for-profit sector, developing a youth mental health center in Mount Druitt, Australia and developing affordable housing in across the country.

The Mount Druitt Youth Mental Health Center can now accommodate more young people who need access to mental health services.

The entire project totaled $1.15 million and Charlton oversaw the process from start to finish. He remembers carrying out the project from the acquisition of the site to the construction and development process.

On top of that, affordable housing is a problem across Australia, with house prices well above the rate of inflation and pushing low-income families out of the housing market.

With the help of Ryan Charlton and the community organizations he works with, slowly but surely they are beginning to ease the affordable housing crisis one step at a time, although there is clearly more work to be done.

The NGO Australian for Affordable Housing said house prices were rising faster than incomes for around 80% of Australians, meaning the problem is felt to some degree by the majority of people.

The problem with soaring property prices is that it is dramatically exacerbating the wealth gap in Australia. It is even more difficult for low-income families to achieve financial freedom.

Ryan Charlton’s day-to-day work sees him overseeing up to ten people at a time, reporting to CFOs, CEOs and board members of his organization and church groups.

Charlton has also been featured on digital news platforms for his insights into career development and community engagement.

Some of Charlton’s advice includes staying humble, being customer-centric, and adhering to strong ethical principles.

Ryan Charlton says working in the nonprofit sector brings him a high level of satisfaction.

“No matter what you accomplish in life, it’s important to remember where you came from,” says Charlton.

Currently, Ryan Charlton hopes to remain focused on the real estate business in the nonprofit sector. The work is exciting and benefits many people, and being able to see the result of improving people’s lives is deeply satisfying for Charlton.

Additionally, Charlton says he learns a lot from his day-to-day role.

“You learn something from everyone who touches your life.”