Housing report

Primetime viewers outraged at ‘condescending’ housing report

RTE Prime Time viewers were furious at what was described as a guest’s “condescending” take on the housing crisis.

The segment on the country’s housing shortage saw presenter Louise Byrne manage a debate between French economist Dara Turnball of Housing Europe and former housing agency chairman Conor Skehan.

The topic focused on the impact of the housing shortage on middle-aged and young people who struggle to afford to buy a home.

But Mr Skehan, who suggested house seekers ‘make better choices’ as they seek to move away from the capital and that homes are now of better quality, sparked a harsh response from some viewers.

Taking to Twitter, one person said: ‘Conor Skehan was so condescending throughout. Also, I’m wrong about “quality housing” and “making better choices”. Was he invited for comedy value? Dara Turnbull was excellent”.

While another noted: ‘Funny these unsophisticated houses are still selling for the same prices as the fancy houses…….’

A third remarked: “So basically what I took away from that is if you’re young, single, not earning a very good salary, you have to leave everything you know behind you in Dublin (if you were born/live in Dublin) and make a ‘better decision’ and move elsewhere until the housing situation is resolved? »

Others criticized the focus of the debate on Dublin, pointing out that “there is a world outside the M50”.

One observer asked, “What world does Conor Skehan live in with his ‘sophisticated public transport system’?” We live 5km from Cork city center and currently have a bus service once a week! In a recent announcement of good news, we can also expect to have broadband broadband by the end of 2026”.

The question of housing will be at the center of the concerns Pin up Thursday night, when Housing Minister Darragh O’Brien and Sinn Fein’s Eoin O’Broin debate.

And viewers can’t wait to see the sparks fly with a note: “Thursday Darragh O’Brien V Eoin O’Broin Must not miss this”.

Another said: Ohhhh @DarraghOBrienTD actually going to debate with @EOBroin.

‘Put the popcorn in it’.