Housing crisis

May 9: Fake convoy narrative, don’t take advantage of housing crisis, safer streets for Hamilton and other letters

Do not cash out

You would have to have your head buried deep in the sand not to know that we are in a housing crisis right now. But knowing that and knowing what to do are two different things.

I’d like to offer not to cash out.

If I have the ability to rent an apartment or house right now, and I don’t absolutely need to rent it at today’s exorbitant apartment prices, how about not? Even if I use this rent to earn income, what might it be like to decide what is enough for me or my business? While community members suffer from inadequate housing and no options for safe housing, what if I decide to rent out my basement apartment, my investment property, or 50 of my 100 apartments, for less? What if I can permanently rent to someone at a rate that suits both of us, instead of Airbnb-ing my listing?

What would it be like, even for a person or a family, if I took nothing?

Alice Plug-Buist, Executive Director, Helping Hands Street Mission

Poilievre’s Friends

Regarding the “unfair portrayal of the Poilievre campaign” (May 5): The author of this commentary must be reminded – or informed – that the intent of the Ottawa occupation was the overthrow of a democratically elected government in accordance to this ridiculous memorandum of understanding. But that fact didn’t seem to deter Pierre Poilievre in the least from embracing the Pat King Circus.

Doug Campbell, Burlington

False narrative

I was shocked and angry that you published this diatribe trying to justify the illegal occupation of Ottawa. Diverse opinions are fine, but people – even conservatives – cannot be allowed to make up their own facts. The author mentioned that the citizens were “inconvenienced”. Rather terrified. Protesters threatened and coerced emergency personnel to provide truckers with free food. They urinated on the war memorial. They shouted racist and homophobic slurs and endangered store and hotel staff by refusing to wear masks.

Please don’t let people lie about this. It sets up a false narrative, which is now being repeated by people like Poilievre.

Marion Hensell, Burlington

Security Solutions

How to safely load and unload highways inside and outside the city during rush hour? Added to the problem are pedestrians, young and old, and cyclists. On top of all that, you have motorists racing to change lanes and racing through lights. There must be an answer. The original idea of ​​two five-lane freeways in the city center doesn’t seem to be working. Projects like Vision Zero are good and necessary, but Hamilton needs action now. We expect solutions from elected officials.

It’s time to act

Enough is enough. We need safer, pedestrian-friendly streets across the city. The one-way streets of Main and King are the worst example of car-oriented culture. These freeway-like streets are made for cars, not people. They should be changed to two-way streets now. This might be the greatest gift this council can give the city before the next election. We have debated this for decades. How many more deaths before acting?

More speed bumps

Hamilton’s roads are unsafe — I don’t think that can be disputed at this point. I see residents and elected officials calling on the police for more control and careless drivers calling on pedestrians to “be careful”. Speed ​​cameras, radar controlled roads and speed limit signs do very little to slow drivers down. Why has no one mentioned a very obvious feature of road design – the speed bump. Speed ​​bumps work – we see them on neighborhood streets and in parking lots to great effect. Are there arguments against speed bumps other than “they force vehicles to slow down?” Make them ubiquitous in our city and the roads will be safer for everyone.

right to abortion

Abortion is a process of dehumanization. The question is how comfortable are we as a society in determining when this process begins and ends?

Chris Asimoudis, Ancaster

Three pillars

Power and greed, power and greed. It’s been going on since the dawn of time. Regardless of race, religion, political affiliation, country, social status, etc. Let us remember the three pillars of life. Water, food and shelter. Lose one of the three pillars, we are on the way to annihilation.