Housing crisis

How Noosa residents can help tackle the area’s housing crisis

Members of the Noosa community have been asked to voice their views to help address the housing crisis that has gripped the area.

Noosa Council is seeking feedback on its draft Housing Strategy for Affordable Housing, which has been deemed essential to the quality of life and growth of communities in the county.

Mayor Clare Stewart has previously said even ‘locals’ can no longer afford to live there and many people have been forced to live in tents, with some facing huge rent increases.

The council had also commissioned an urgent report on the region’s worst housing crisis.

Mayor Stewart said the draft strategy was a key tool for this difficult issue.

“There is no silver bullet, and although it will require investment from all levels of government, Noosa can determine its own destiny by developing actions to guide how we provide affordable housing for future needs. of the county,” she said.

The Council will seek community input in July, including a series of pop-in sessions, an online survey and other engagement initiatives.

Many people struggle to make ends meet in Noosa.

A Housing Reference Group will be established to work with the Council on the implementation of the strategy and provide further support to address the challenges and seize the opportunities ahead.

Mayor Stewart said it was important that all sectors of the community review the draft strategy and consider how best to address the current housing crisis in the county.

This housing strategy, when approved, aims to establish a clear plan for housing in Noosa County through to 2041.

“In December 2020, I tabled a Mayor’s Minute to start the process of investigating what we can do and how we can help the housing industry and government improve housing choice and affordability” , she said.

Since then, the Council has carried out a detailed technical assessment of the County’s housing needs and investigated potential Council-owned land that could be developed for affordable housing.

They had reserved land in Noosa Heads before changing their minds following an outcry from neighbours.

Small house trials have been set up on municipal land to help people transition from crisis housing to independent living.

During this time, many fighters were aided by charities and local organizations while others were aided by other local residents.

Council officers progressed positive discussions with the state government during this period.

Noosa has become unaffordable for many ‘locals’.

“The current crisis in our county is having a significant social and economic impact on the community and requires action from all levels of government as well as the community at large, Mayor Stewart said.

She said the Housing Strategy Project was intended to provide a plan so that everyone in Noosa County can access affordable housing in the future.

The draft strategy contains a list of bold and innovative options that seek to make the most of the remaining capacity in urban areas to increase housing choice.

“We want to be part of the housing solution and we need the community to engage, before these social and economic impacts get worse.”

The draft housing strategy will be available on the council’s website along with a formal community engagement program starting July 10 for a four-week period.

Business and community leaders slept rough for one night.

Business and community leaders shone a light on the housing crisis on Thursday night, when they swapped their warm beds for a piece of cardboard and braved the elements to sleep rough overnight on the main beach from Noosa.

This was part of the Vinnies CEO Sleepout, which raised vital funds for Vinnies Queensland to support the growing number of homeless people, especially as the recent statewide rental housing shortage continues contributing to the scarcity of crisis housing and affordable rentals.

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