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Housing sector stays afloat during pandemic – Inforial

Inforial (The Jakarta Post)

Jakarta ●
Mon 23 Aug 2021

11:30 a.m.

The unforeseen and prolonged COVID-19 pandemic has not weakened the spirit of Indonesian public housing developers who continue to build housing for the people, reflecting the capacity of the national housing sector to withstand the crisis and even grow. while supporting the national economy.

“The public housing sector, as part of the country’s infrastructure development, has been able to survive during the pandemic,” Public Works and Housing Minister Basuki Hadimuljono said during the opening of the virtual exhibition of National Public Housing Day (Hapernas) 2021 in Jakarta on Friday.

The launch brought together representatives from the Ministry of Finance, members of the Developers Association, banks that provide government mortgages (KPRs) and the general public.

Organized by the Ministry of Public Works and Housing, the Harpenas virtual exhibition will run until August 31.

The event provides visitors with access to information on subsidized housing across Indonesia.

At least 40 banks that provide the government’s KPR program and 400 property developers across Indonesia are participating in this event.

. (Courtesy of PUPR/.)

For information on social housing in Indonesia, visit www.hapernas2021.com.

The Harpenas Virtual Expo 2021 Organizing Committee also offers a 3D virtual design of the exhibition and interactive features that allow visitors to easily communicate with each participating developer.

Basuki said the 1 Million Houses program is part of the government’s efforts to maintain and increase the passion of social housing developers. Additionally, people are in dire need of livable and affordable housing right now to protect them from COVID-19.

To get updated information on the progress of the housing sector during the pandemic, people can access information from the Harpenas 2021 virtual exhibition, Basuki added.

Through Expo, he also hoped that potential homeowners could find loan deals that would best suit their needs and financial capability.

On this occasion, Basuki addressed several messages to the heads of the work units of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing and to the representatives of various relevant ministries and government institutions, as well as to the developers and banks engaged in the housing sector in Indonesia.

Basuki’s first message was that each work unit in his ministry and related agencies is responsible for providing livable and affordable housing, including disbursing various easily accessible housing and finance programs.

“The funding budget for housing development will be increased next year in response to the growing demand for subsidized housing,” he said.

Second, housing development should not only aim to achieve a certain goal, but also ensure that the houses built are solid and of good quality.

“The quality of subsidized housing must be guaranteed, it is not negotiable. We will continuously monitor [construction] directly or through existing technology. Thus, people have the right to own a habitable house, while property developers are obliged to build quality houses, he said.

Third, the government will continue to stimulate the growth of the real estate sector by providing developers with tax incentives or by relaxing the value added tax (VAT) in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Finance. The social housing sector is also supposed to sustain, if not strengthen, the country’s economic recovery.

“In the second quarter, the real estate sector will experience growth thanks to the various incentives it has received, and the sale of homes should increase. With this event, I hope online loan deals can be made by those who want to buy a house,” Basuki said.