Housing crisis

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CONCORD, NH — The state’s premier housing caucus hopes to educate lawmakers about the need for new housing opportunities.

The caucus includes 16 state senators and representatives from both sides of the political aisle and from different parts of New Hampshire. The committee is tracking a number of bills, including SB 400, the “community toolkit” bill, which hopes to provide ways for communities to play a role in addressing housing issues, including membership tools to address supply shortages, improve project process, and expand education and training for community planning and zoning boards.

State Senator Rebecca Perkins-Kwoka (D-Portsmouth) said creating the caucus was the first step toward addressing some of the issues.

“In order to restore our Main Street communities, keep our next generation alive, build an economy for the future, and sustainably conserve our environment, we need to be proactive about housing,” she said. “The creation of New Hampshire’s first Legislative Housing Caucus is an important step forward in making meaningful progress in the legislature on our housing crisis.”

State Rep. Joe Alexander (R-Goffstown) agreed, saying the bipartisan coalition could use its “collective voice to engage and educate other decision makers on housing issues.”

Manchester: booming housing market

Speaking of New Hampshire, according to the latest data from Showing Time, 18 markets in the United States, including Manchester, posted double-digit indexes per listing, averaging around 11, making it one of the the most active real estate markets in the country.

The US average is 5.9 screenings per ad.

Burlington, Vermont, another hot market, was slightly lower than Manchester.

Closing the “home loophole”

A state constitutional amendment has been proposed to prevent nonresidents from voting in New Hampshire elections.

State Sen. Regina Birdsell (R-Hampstead), who also represents Derry and Windham, proposed CACR 36 this season, which was heard by the Senate Election Law and Municipal Affairs Committee on Monday. The proposal adds the words “and has his principal residence” to Article 11. The proposal attempts to close the “domicile loophole”, which allows non-residents, such as students, “visiting professionals” and political campaign workers, who have the ability to vote by mail from home, to no longer be allowed to vote in the state.

“CACR 36 is intended to protect the integrity of our electoral process and to clarify who has the right to vote in New Hampshire,” Birdsell said. “Currently, our constitution provides that an elector must be ‘domiciled’ in the state to vote and there has been far too much confusion over this term. The amendment requires both domicile and principal residence. In doing so , CACR 36 makes it clear that Elections in New Hampshire are for New Hampshire voters.”

Twelve other Republican state senators have also signed on as sponsors.

If approved, November voters will have the opportunity to vote on the amendment.

Here’s everything happening in New Hampshire right now.

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